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We provide residential units with energy systems tailored to their needs.

We provide various commercial units, including but not limited to, Malls, Trading centers, Hotels, Restaurants and other commercial units with energy systems tailored to their needs.

PV Pumping
PV pumping systems are considered to be the best choice for pumping water from wells and also the most feasible choice when compared to other conventional electricity solutions.
Currently, there is a global trend towards using PV pumping systems instead of using conventional electricity and diesel generators.

Off-Grid Systems
We offer off-grid solutions (Systems that are not connected to the conventional electricity grid). These solutions can be used for remotely located premises that are not connected to the electrical grid; the off-grid solutions comprise batteries for storing energy.

Custom Solutions
We can provide our clients with custom energy solutions that meet their needs. Such solutions would include hybrid renewable energy systems.



Energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in a building or organization.
In addition to the important role of providing energy for renewable energy sources we also provide energy management to optimize the consumption of energy to the best efficiency.


We are internationally certified to provide energy training courses; these courses include but are not limited to:

PV energy systems

Wind energy systems

Electrical Power systems

Energy management

Energy Economics and feasibility analysis.



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